You are perfection

In sunbeam I am resting,
wondering your prettiness.
It is impeccably and noble,
very strange. I adore you.

Every your word is full of
wisdom. Your deeds are right.
You are perfection,
sorrow is fading.

I like talking with you,
prudence is close to you.
You are very beautiful, justice
for you is natural.

The Love is crucial

Come, my Beloved to room
where will be derive from joy.
There we will delight with
our love for eternity.

I will singing and playing the guitar
for adore your Power.
It is great and cheerful us.

I want to give heavens ’cause
you came with vine.
I will praise you and our
Love for everything
because you are happy.

The Trinity love

What is valuable that
in you my Beloved exist.
You are the precious which
is able to find.

I look up to you,
me – the poorest among the
people. I am persecute for faith
for my beauty – they give me

The Trinity – You are admirable
I love you for all people who
cast doubt on You.

In the name of Love

As a ram I am living,
cheerful and happy I’m singing.
Wake up my guitar
play with me for the people.

My life is strange, and
so beautiful. I can say that
Love is still giving us power,
the Light is with us.

I am giving entertain to people
so they enlighten me with they joy.
With iron will I creating
for the Love I praying.

The essence of life

True essence of life flows
from your mouth the Holy Trinity.
You are unity in the Spirit,
impenetrable, inconceivable.

I am living in your sunbeam,
it is my five incarnation
and more will be!
In New Jeruzalem I will rebirth…

But I  remain in humbling
the Majesty of Trinity I adore,
love and gloryfying,
and also giving heavens!

The wise son

Among the people I boast
I am telling the miracles
done to me. I was in purgatory
but I came out from there.

I have almost blind but I saw
I have lamed but I walked.
I sufer the pain in hands
because i wanted it.

The Holy Trinity  even my
foots didn’t spare. I hurt
but I recovered soon.
The enemies abused me,
but I appreciate them as Law says:
„The wise son likes scolding.”

Positive vibrations

I am brave like a
young lion from Juda.
I live on the wilderness
in the cave I have my den.

The stream flow through me
and a breath of live is in  my nostrils.
I eat weak animals these days
and don’t ashamed of people.

The Power is what gives me a brainwave,
the Wisdom of my deeds is great,
the light of Spirit is strong.
But the Love I have in plenty!

The Human I met

Happiness flows through
Your fingers tight on the sword.
It is select because in fire probe.

I want to tell about miracles
that live and rejoice for a infinity.
This miracles are people whom
glory i know.

But – to know them
I have must die from
the shock I received.
And I take a pride in him…
human I met!

The good choice

What is glorious in us –
that lives. With a singing cheerfuls.
Our friend makes miracles,
he bless us.

You make me live up with destiny
and happy ahead the throne.
I can hum a melody and
give  credentials of True.

You purify me to profess
your glory, I am tough.
I won’t wobble and
won’t ashame, because
Jahwe is with me!